Easy-to-DIY scarves for every season: silk, plaid or wool

Easy-to-DIY scarves for every season: silk, plaid or wool

Anyone can easily make a scarf. There’s no need to spend exorbitant amounts of money at the store! It’s just enough instead of throwing out old flannel shirts and scarves your sick of, cut, dye, sew, embellish and re-use them to keep your neck toasty this winter. You can start off by simply decorating a scarf (for beginners), or reclaiming an old cashmere sweater (for the winter). All you need is picking the one you like below, and follow the instructions.

1. DIY Infinity Scarf

Kendall is one of our favorite bloggers, her blog is continuously updated with new style tips and in this occasion she is also teaching us how to DIY an infinity scarf.  “I have been obsessing over these trendy plaid scarves”, she says.

DIY infinity scarf online tutorial

Follow her instructions here. She also runs her own Etsy shop, take a look at her fabulous necklaces here.

2. Pom Pom Wrap

pom pom infinity wrap scarf multi color

Get tired of a scarf but still not ready to get rid of it? Simply thread pom poms around the perimeter of a simple scarf, as shown here.

3. Braided Infinity Scarf

two-tone braided scarf

The scarf is essentially two big color blocked tubes of fabric “braided” together using square knots, if you fancy this, follow the instructions.

4. DIY Multi-Strand Scarf

DIY multi strand scarf

DIY multi strand necklace scarf

We are huge fan on no-sew projects from recycled clothing. And you won’t believe this can be easily made from a large T-shirt. Instructions.

Have fun!


How to dress for a wedding: Tips for wedding guests

How to dress for a wedding: Tips for wedding guests

Have you been invited to a wedding next spring, but aren’t quite sure what to wear? Well, it’s never too early to plan your killer outfits for wedding season. The “rules” are different and they vary according with times of day, formalities (informal, formal, etc.). Generally I know everyone wants to be the best dressed guest (without making the bride cry of course!), for this reason I’ve decided to put together few advice for what to wear to a wedding. In general, women want to wear a dress (doesn’t need to be full-length unless it’s a very formal wedding) and just about any color goes except for white. First rule is: Read the invitation. In fact, wedding invitations should specify the dress code – if it’s semi-formal, casual or formal. Also they surely give you other key information like the location and time.  So let’s say that if the case is daytime wedding, I would always consider various options: the informal and semi-informal wedding guest will go for short dress or suit while the formal dressing for wedding will require additionally hats and gloves. Bare in mind that even though hats and gloves are optional, they are still seen very often. If we’ve been invited to an evening wedding, the informal and semi-informal will require a cocktail dress, while the formal dressing wants Long or dressy short cocktail with beading and glam accessories or alternatively long gown and extra glitz like furs and diamonds for an ultra-formal dress code.  

Generally, I would say that whatever you are going to wear, please bare in mind to not wear one colour head to toe, like matchy-matchy please! Everything should be linked somehow – you can put incongruous things together but two elements should match. An example: I was at a wedding last weekend and a friend of mine wore a pink skirt suit with leopard-print shoes, a leopard-print bag and a black straw hat. She was looking amazing, even though it was slightly off-key. 

According to the Telegraph, the big wedding hit for all ages this summer is the dress suit, as seen on Carole Middleton at the royal wedding. But let’s also take into consideration a younger guest that usually should be very careful with typical mistakes like: the dress is longer than the coat and does not look fresh, at all. If you want to wear trousers, make it a trouser suit not trousers and shirt, first because you are not at the office and second because you run the risk of looking like one of the groom’s friends!

General things you should never and never wear to a wedding!

White Not – The bride should stand out on her wedding day, and anybody wearing white will draw attention away from her and come across as disrespectful. “The only person in a shade resembling white should be the bride—unless she has asked everyone to wear white because she’s decided to wear red sequins,” says Clinton Kelly, co-author of Dress Your Best. If you plan on wearing a beige or off-white dress, you might want to consider asking the bride’s opinion beforehand, and if she agrees we find very stylish to opting for nude or light pink instead. Cream daisy-print pure cotton dress

Havren Cream daisy-print cotton dress, £63 
To create a feminine Summer look and to add a dose of fun to your wardrobe!


Sigerson Morrison peep-toe heels, £375
You can’t go wrong with these classic peep-toe heels. Love!


Sophia webster Leoni holographic leather sandals 
Life’s too short to wear boring shoes!

Another thing to bare in mind: weddings are a time of joy and celebration not for channeling your inner Morticia. I am not saying that we should not wear black, it is OK but please make sure it doesn’t verge on goth! On the other hand, even if the wedding is casual, you should dress nicely out of respect for the hosts. So nor Morticia, nor even jeans, t-shirts and flip-flops to a wedding! For casual beach weddings, sundresses are appropriate for women, and men can wear cotton shirts and pants. Don’t let rustic, country weddings you down to a denim disaster! It doesn’t mean you should dress like you’re at a hoedown. “This is the bride’s big day, so leave the denim and cowboy boots in the closet and slip into something a little fancier,” says Sterling.

Cotton-lace flare dress
Cotton-lace flare dress, £85
This timeless take on this season’s sheer trend. Love!


Duccio Venturi strappy sandals, £355
Hottest summer shoes for instant style kudos.

Also, remember, it’s a celebration, not a board meeting. So your 9-to-5 pantsuit is not up to the task. A suit jacket and skirt is fine, even an evening tuxedo works for black-tie occasions! Leave your business wardrobe at home and slip into something more fun.

Blossom-printed cotton dress

Orange stretch-crepe dress

Floral-print cotton dress

100 Years of Fashion In Less Than 100 Seconds

Must-watch of the day: This beautiful and mesmerizing compilation will take you on a mind-bending trip through fashion history. It’s a dance video that is currently going viral but originally thought to promote the opening of Europe’s largest mall, Westfield Stratford City in the UK. lappers and punks, rave kids and jitterbugger, mods and hippies — now, more than six million YouTube views later, it’s continuing to dominate social feeds this week. It doesn’t surprise than that it’s such advertising gold, you’ll see once you watch this video enough times and you’ll want to get dressed up, grab a friend and hit the dance floor too. It’s very hard to decide what’s more fascinating: looking into the reasons of the evolution of our style or the evolution of our dance moves! I totally love the dresses, skirts and shoes here are all outstanding…and can we talk about those hats? 

So, because we talking about the evolution, let’s look into the history and events from the 1920, hopefully will give us a bit more clear idea of what happened and how those events influenced our style.

1920s fashion dress1920’s: From women’s vote to prohibition, from increasing prosperity to birth of sportswear. This caused public reactions such as short hair styles, freedom of the body (so dancing!). This was the start of a daring look and behavior as well as when women begin to smoke! Fashion trends like chemise dresses, short skirts(knee-length not bodycons yet!), T-strap shoes, cloche hats, costume looks and long strands of beads. Big designers for this period had been Madeleine Vionnet, Jean Patou, Coco Chanel, Norman Hartnell, Jeanne Lanvin.

1930s fashion dress1930’s: This is known as depression era, with several effects like unemployment, little money. Probably for this same reason Rayon and acetate fabrics arrived on the market. But there was a good part also, the entertainment growth which brought more power to Hollywood and more influence to stars and designers. Big bands and the swing music arrived! The public reaction had been mainly conservatism, frugality with a ‘make do’ attitude. Fashion trends? Well, we see soft looks and light fabrics by contrast to the economic situation and public reaction. Long hems, bias cuts, big hats and big brims. Fox-fur-collared coats and wraps. Broad shouldered jackets and platforms shoes. Well known designers from those years: Madame Gres, Elsa Schiapparelli, Vera Maxwell, Mainbocher, Jean Dresses.

1940s fashion dress1940’s: Several government restrictions caused by the World War II. This meant shortage of materials, emergence of american designers and exit France as fashion source. Big hightlights of those years: Dior and the “New Look” in the 1947. Crooners: Crosby, Sinatra, Redio, records. In terms of public reactions, we definitely should mention that women begin to take men’s jobs, there was a strong nationalism and common cause philosophy. How to not mention the Glamour (Vogue) and the pinup girls! Fashion Trends from those years: Mannish suits, tailored and peplum designs (especially jackets), padded shoulders and knee-length straight skirts, soft, shoulder-length hair, three-quarter length sleeves (especially coats), debut of the bikini! About designers, we can’t forget Claire McCardell, Norman Norell, Christian Dior, Cristobal Balenciaga, Bonnie Cashin, Adrian, Pauline Trigere, Nina Ricci.

1950s fashion dress1950’s: Baby boom! population was increasing those years. There was the Korean war, the move to suburbs and income rising. Also, more imports and improved transportation as well as communication (think about the TV!). How to forget the birth of Rock ‘n’ roll. People begin to buy new homes and appliances. Conformity is a must. The quality of family life definitely improved and the leisure time used for sports and recreation increased. Don’t forget the station wagon! Fashion trends like classics, shirtwaist dress, sweater sets and unisex looks. Sportswear, invy League look like button-down shirts, skinny ties, grey flannel suit. Also, car coats and capri pants. Hubert de Givenchy, Mary Quart, Yves Saint Laurent, James Galanos, Donald Brooks, Gucci and Missoni are the stars of that decade.

1960s fashion dress1960’s: Rise of shopping centers and boutiques. New technology so stretch fabrics arrived. Branding the designer names, we’ve seen the civil rights movement and Woodstock, the Vietnam war and the antiwar movement. London influenced the world with The Beatles, Twiggy and Mod. The public reactions: new sexual freedom, experimental fashion and anti establishment attitudes, generation gap and divorce arrived. So, more singles which is not necessarily related with drug experimentation and identity seeking. This is the decade of New values. Fashion Trends were jeans, miniskirts, knits and polyesther. Ethnic clothing and crafts. Wild use of color patterns, long hair and wigs. Vinyl, synthetic fabrics, turtlenecks and wide ties. Nehru jackets, golf coordinates. The most important designers we should remember from those years: Pierre Cardin, Emilio Pucci, Valentino and Emanuel Ungaro.

1970s fashion dress1970’s: Equal Rights and Women’s Lib age! We see the end of Vietnam War, a stabilizing economy and Ecology and conservation as results. Women working outside the home which is not necessarily related with the growth of Consumerism :). Disco dance and clubs welcome! Public reactions like: individualism, back to nature and health foods or natural fibers. Urban renewal and interest in cities and their problems. Equal Rights Amendment, overseas manufacturing. Fashion trends from this decade: Pantsuits for women and leisure suits fro men. Jeans: bell bottoms, straight and tapered leg. T-shirts, tank tops and boots. Classic blazer, shirts and hot pants! Well, we see many romantic looks too. The most important designers deserve to be mentioned: Ralph Lauren, Giorgio Armani, Calvin Klein, Vivienne Westwood and Oscar de la Renta.

1980s fashion dress1980’s: The main events we should remember from the 80s are the computer explosion (of course!), music videos and yuppies. Two income families that meant a New Baby Boom! Movies like Fame and Flashdance are part of the history, don’t you think? Birth of MTV (I’m a big fan) and Licensing arrangements. The costumes are very fascinating to analyse, especially because we see reactions like the rise of Entrepreneurship and buy home computers. Michael Jackson, a youth hero and again London influenced the world with Punk, Boy George and Culture Club. We also see a proliferation of malls and Graffiti art. My favorite picks of fashion style from the 80s: definitely the Sneakers! Also, punk hairdos and androgynous dressing. Torn clothes fad, Hats return for everyone. Backpacks as fashion and tailored suits and classic dressing.  We loved Donna Karan, Christian Lacroix, Gianni Versace and Tommy Hilfiger. But also, we should not forget Issay Miyake, Karl Lagerfeld and Jean-Paul Gaultier.

1990’s? You don’t need me! Just watch Sex and the City! 🙂


Paris Fashion Week 2014. Chanel aisles of silly

Paris Fashion Week 2014. Chanel aisles of silly

A trip to the local Tesco or Sainsbury’s will never look the same again. Karl Lagerfeld and his team turned the Grand Palais into an enormous, lavishly stocked Chanel hypermarket. According with Chanel designer Karl Lagerfeld, high-end fashion has a limited shelf life these days, reason why he decided to play and parading his autumn/winter collection down supermarket aisles. The aisles were backed with tins of Chanel-branded tea, coffee and ‘Coco’ (hoho!). Enormous caisse, complete with checkout desks, was spread under a drawn sign of Madame Chanel pushing a shopping trolley – a real trolley and also double-C’d! 

Paris Fashion Week 2014. Chanel aisles of silly Paris Fashion Week 2014. Chanel aisles of silly

Well-heeled shoppers, including singer Rihanna and British models Cara Delevingne and Stella Tennant, filled their baskets with groceries – all Chanel-branded, of course – as they pranced along in Lagerfeld’s latest creations. Wonderfully bizarre and scarily true, it was a marvellous mise-en-scene of the industry’s consumerist heart. In between classic schlock rock, a tannoy announcer breathed the deals of the day as models browsed the aisles in slim fit track pants, trainers. The colours were as garish as the look-at-me labels on Chanel’s own brand tins, jars and pasta packets.

Paris Fashion Week 2014. Chanel aisles of silly Paris Fashion Week 2014. Chanel aisles of silly Paris Fashion Week 2014. Chanel aisles of silly

In fact, as the show progressed, the models began to stray from their routes, pausing here to contemplate the cotton wool – that eye-make up was pretty heavy – or peruse a pair of gardening gloves. Stella Tennant carried a Chanel shopping basket in house chain-link, Cara Delevingne idly picked up a feather duster, Chanel headphones to zone out and shop in and all girls bopped around on the browse but then suddenly there was a surprise cameo by a couple. The 80-year-old designer showed off his urban dweller range, which included knitted sneakers, baggy trousers and leggings filled with holes with Stepford Wifelet in a baby pink Chanel suit, at the Grand Palais (store). 

Paris Fashion Week 2014. Chanel aisles of sillyParis Fashion Week 2014. Chanel aisles of silly

After it was over, a message played over the PA system announced: ‘Dear valued customer, the Chanel store is closing. Please pick up complimentary fruit and vegetables as you leave.’ Before the show began, a PR assured that all the food left on display would distributed to the homeless of Paris after the audience had departed – this evening, the boulevards will be thronged with clochards eating extremely exclusive crudités then!

Paris Fashion Week 2014. Chanel aisles of silly

Among star-studded guests watching the show were actresses Keira Knightley and Melanie Griffith. If one overlooks the looting, today’s Chanel show was easily the most magnificent of all Paris Fashion Week.

How to Dress 10 Pounds Lighter

havren british online fashion how to dress to look slimmer

Plenty of people feel self-conscious about their weight, and many may even feel insecure about how heavy they think they look. We decided to work on few dress-slim secrets…figure-flattering style tips, the next best thing to workouts and eating. In fact, simply changing up how you dress can take off 10 pounds. So, prepare for compliments!

In general, look for clothing and details that force the eye to look up and down rather than side to side. This reduces the amount of width a person sees, making you look skinnier in the process. Sure, many celebs start off with better bodies than the rest of us mere mortals. They have personal chefs and trainers on demand. But even the fittest stars still deal with figure challenges, reason why they turn to stylists who are the best at putting together outfits that hide flaws and play up a star’s best assets. Our style advisers want to help you do the same.

flattering underwear 2 flattering underwear 2

Rule #1: Undergarments
Wear undergarments that fit, very important, especially when selecting a bra. In fact, the right bra helps you shape your silhouette. But avoid styles that will flatten you completely or styles that allow your bust to sag. Also, you should avoid undergarments that offer no support like thin bikini bottoms. Try boy shorts, briefs, and other styles that help pull in your buttocks, stomach, and thigh. These cuts create a tighter, smoother appearance. You might also consider to try body-slimming undergarments, perhaps. It’s usually an extra help that creates a shapely figure and keeps your excess weight in check, like a body shaper. We think this option is especially helpful for special occasions, a little excessive for daily wear.

empire-waist dresses a-line dress

Rule #2: What should you wear on top of your slimming underthings?
Typical flattering dresses are empire-waist dresses and A-line dresses. As Bloch says “they graze the stomach”. However, first of all you will need to buy the right size. Too tight clothes will show every flaw and excess pound your body has, which is probably something you don’t want. On the other hand, clothes that are too baggy will make it look heavier than you actually are. So, bare in mind that only clothes that fit you properly will flatter you! In case of casual wear, you should stick with loose, flowing fabrics. Materials that lightly drape over your frame are the best way to go. In fact, they have enough structure to follow along your body’s contours without smothering them. Also, think of introducing a little black into your wardrobe staples. Black, black and black. This colour has a magic and powerful slimming effect! Absolutely nice especially on trousers, skirts, and dresses. Of course, as everything, do not overdo it. Too much black will turn your outfit into a depressing look, so you should pair it with other colors, or white to join the monochrome trend for this spring/summer.
In detail, think pinstripes, pleats, and vertical zippers. And please avoid horizontal stripes or rows of embellishments! Vertical details prompt the eye to look up and down instead of side to side, which helps create the illusion of slenderness.

Heidi-Klum-Statement-Necklaceflattering necklace

Rule #3: Can the right accessories really make a difference?
Absolutely it does. A larger necklace can make you appear taller and leaner! Did you know this? This because it directs attention up and away from your figure flaws. Accessories like earrings or sparkly headbands are great distractions, drawing attention to where you want people to look.


Rule #4: So, what styles make you look tall and thin?
Surprise! Head-to-toe black isn’t the only path to figure flattery! Streamline with Color for example!
Slimming Strategy #1: Colour-block clothes, smartly placed color inserts, on the other hand, help carve out an hourglass shape. These Black two-tone cady dress (Havren, £149) skims over your body; contrasting white panels visually whittle your midsection. The dress hits just below the knee, instantly making your lower half look leaner (skin-tone platform pumps extend the leg line by another five inches).
Slimming Strategy #2: Step into Perfect Pants to elongate a voluptuous figure, opt for neutral trousers with lots of stretch. Like side seams on straight-leg pants (Magaschoni, £310) are pushed to the front, which appears to take inches off thighs. A vivid, tailored top (Marina Rinaldi, £260) with vertical detail makes you seem taller and de-emphasizes chest.

How to dress for a date: what to or not to wear

If you don’t want to let your first date attire ruin your chances for a second date, you should think quite carefully about your outfit. Think like that, what you are going to wear will be the perfect opportunity to present who you are before you will say a word – You’ve only got one chance to make a first impression.

There’s nothing that can match the thrill of the first date and you know that. So with all that going on, the first thing will spring to mind is that there is nothing in your wardrobe. Not true, you just need couple of rules to follow, and stay away from top things you should not wear on a first date with a new guy. But fret not, because we’re here to help. Whether you have dinner or a picnic planned, we’ve compiled five different outfits to keep you both comfortable and chic on a variety of dates. Of course, you must consider the location, time of day and weather as these factors will weigh heavily on your attire choice.

Before starting with outfits and looks, let’s consider the Makeup and hair. The rule is: natural is sexier. Keep it simple. Simple and classy is definitely the way to go on a first date. An example can be to achieve a soft and wavy look, natural with a touch of glamour. Or perhaps you could consider to take on a playful half-updo and let the guys know that you can hang with them.

Now, let’s set the rules, DOs and DON’Ts:


Dress for comfort. You don’t want to look like you tried too hard, spending hours agonizing over what to wear, right? Of course you want to impress this new guy immediately, but it’s always better to reveal the real you, and stick to clothing you actually wear. Of course I don’t mean donning some sweats or (god forbid) Crocs, but if you are overdressed, he might get overwhelmed. It’s always better to go for a more laid-back look on the first date; it will make both of you feel more at ease. So, no sky high heels – there is absolutely no reason to wear shoes that you can’t walk in, as well as nothing you can’t sit comfortably in – think about you shifting uncomfortably in your chair all night.

How to dress for a date what to or not to wear 1 How to dress for a date what to or not to wear 1 How to dress for a date what to or not to wear 1


Don’t reveal too much. Your mum probably told you to show off either legs or cleavage but not both at the same time. Basically, keep the mystery as on a first date your aim should be to be sophisticated and alluring catch rather than shattering this image. Make sure that whatever you are wearing is true to the situation, I am not suggesting to dress like a nun, but again you should not feel uncomfortable or intimidated because you are not dressed appropriate for the occasion. You should always wear clothes that make you feel good about yourself, because then your confidence will shine through!

How to dress for a date what to or not to wear 2


Dress for the occasion. The rule of course is never let be at a surprise location. Most first dates involve doing something very casual like grabbing a cup of coffee or a glass of wine. You don’t need me to tell you of the horrors of dressing for a mood-lit bar when you are really going for a walk and picnic. And again, you don’t want to make your date feel uncomfortable or intimidated because you aren’t dressed appropriate for the occasion as said above! On the other hand – as important as what said before, even if your date is outdoors or involves some kind of physical activity it’s important to make an effort and don’t throw on sweats that have been on the floor of your bedroom for months!

How to dress for a date what to or not to wear 2

The tips#3 and #4 are quite common, you need to feel amazing, pretty and be yourself. All that matters is that you know you look hot, hot, hot and those dates will keep on coming!

How to dress for a date what to or not to wear 2

Last but not least, make sure you choose the right colour. According to surveys, 69 per cent of men and 64 per cent of women admitted what colour their date was wearing had an impact on how much they were attracted to them.

So, here we are with the top 5 colours worn by women (and men) likely to attract future partner.

For Women:

  1. Red (27%)
  2. Blue (19%)
  3. Green (14%)
  4. Black (11%)
  5. Purple (8%)

For Men:

  1. Grey (24%)
  2. Black (22%)
  3. Blue (16%)
  4. Green (8%)
  5. White (7%)

London Fashion Week 2014: The best and the worst style #1

Despite the tumultuous weather, with thousands of fashion’s finest assembling in London for five days, started on 14th February, competition for best dressed has been fierce. We all have probably resisted the urge and raided our wardrobe for some looks that touch on the SS14 trends.

Anyway, it’s been lightly funny hearing the unlucky experiences with flights transports, including American Vogue editor Anna Wintour, who were forced to land in Newcastle (about 300 miles from London) due to turbulent winds.

Weather apart, I found this LFW very interesting and intriguing for many reasons as well as totally useless for other aspects. So, following my runway report #1 😉

The Sixties are back, again. From exposed nipples and mullet hems to bulky kimono jackets and sweet wrappers dungarees, the main point was: absolutely impossible heels that models kept tripping or abandoning entirely. Well, someone defined very bad taste Mark Fast’s idea of calling his knitwear collection “Toxic Monsoon”, and including skirts made of smartphones. Anyway, I found this season Fast’s girl very interesting – a hybrid of an urban wanderer/traveller and 90’s club kid. From cropped tops and form fitting pencil skirts to cocoon shapes as a variation of chunky night gowns. Styled with metallic creepers, his outfits were served as comfort gear that one might just casually throw on to explore the city. We should also consider details, and Fast added a taste of the primordial with some of the raw finishing.

london fashion week 2014 the bad and the worst style mark fast 1 london fashion week 2014 the bad and the worst style mark fast 1

Then there was who played with tailoring and underwear detailing like Marios Schwab. The Greek designer took a new route, designing a more wearable collection – in an everyday reality. His girl is “a young, cosmopolitan woman who is open-minded, enigmatic and adventurous.” In among A-line black mini dresses with touches of lace (decidedly less formal than the past), or burkled collars, there were also dresses which looked as if they have been made from draped swaths of scarf silk in off-white and prints, then secured with a moulded leather bodice. What I think happened: Schwab found quite interesting the idea of “interrupting” the romance of his clothes with some realism, and vice versa. Long chiffon dresses in white and navy were topped with taut black frocks, just an example. Schwab seemed to have caught his clothes in the process of transforming.

london fashion week 2014 the bad and the worst style marios schwab 1 london fashion week 2014 the bad and the worst style marios schwab 1

One of my favourite runway? No surprise here, Mr Smith and his tailoring signature. This season the designer  from Nottingham was taking it easy, inspired by pyjama dressing. With this collection he did best, create subtly sexy, masculine clothes for girls – tailored suits, mannish coats, slim trousers, slim-fit sweaters – all styled in a cooler-than-cool way. From silk shirts to wide leg trousers, from dressing gowns to tunic tops and nightshirt dresses – he chooses coloured paisleys, richly floral printed, silk tie patterns and broad stripes. Paul Smith defined his signature as “classic with a twist” and as trademark his “trousers galore”. Then, the second half of the show he was more focused on more structured tailoring: still wide trousers, but also tapered pants and mannish coats in fine wool suiting. The models’ hair was tied in whispy, Bardot-esque ponytails at the nape of the neck, looking effortlessly chic and some sported nerdy oversized spectacles. This was the ultimate in relaxed and casual elegance.

london fashion week 2014 the bad and the worst style marios schwab 1

Valentines Day Dinner: How to make a HomeMade Heart Shaped Pizza?

Who says that a homely Valentines Day Dinner (with him/her or friends!) is “cheap” or old fashioned is totally wrong. Actually having a Valentines Day Dinner at expensive and busy restaurants, surrounded by million other people and sometimes having to wait hours to get your food it sounds like a crazy idea. Especially when you can organize everything exactly as you want at home.

How to make a HomeMade Heart Shaped Pizza 1

A good idea we had is to make a super homemade pizza: simple, delicious, effective and absolutely funny. I find it’s absolutely trendy and you will be dumbstruck by how much better it is than delivery pizza! If making homemade pizza sounds like a lot of trouble you will be surprised, I’m going to share our simple method!

The first step is to prepare the dough. You will simply need few basic ingredients: white flour type “OO”, water, yeast, extra vergin olive oil, salt and sugar.

Ingredients for 2 pizzas:

Water – 300 ml

Extra Vergin Olive Oil – 3 spoons

Sugar – 1/2 small spoon

Salt – 10 gr

Beer Yeast – 12.5 gr

White Flour type “00” – 0.5 kg

How to make a HomeMade Heart Shaped Pizza 2

Bare in mind, you will need to start preparing your dough at least couple of hours before baking. So, organize the flour on the wooden table / pastry board with a hole at the center (like a doughnut!). Take a bowl with warm water and put the yeast(1) in with the sugar(2). Mix the ingredients making sure everything’s melted (3).

How to make a HomeMade Heart Shaped Pizza 2

Now, in the meantime take another bowl of warm water and put the salt in (4); add the oil (5) and then you can finally pour them in the flour (6). Keep a bit of additional flour next to you and warm water as you might need to add one or the other in order to get the right texture.

How to make a HomeMade Heart Shaped Pizza 4

Keep kneading(7) the dough until you get a soft (but consistent) texture (8) with which you will get a ball shaped dough. Now, place into a large bowl but bare in mind two important things: the bowl should be big enough considering that the dough should double its volume, and before placing the dough remember to put some flour. Cover up with a clean canvas (9) and keep it in a lukewarm place far from air flows. The perfect place might be the hoven if turned off.

Wait that the dough has doubled its volume (like after 1 or 1 hour and half) and then you can proceed with rolling it. Now have fun, shape it as you want!

How to make a HomeMade Heart Shaped Pizza 5

How to make a HomeMade Heart Shaped Pizza 6

How to make a HomeMade Heart Shaped Pizza 7

How to Dress More Feminine: 7 Style Tips

Ever wondered how to gradually dress more feminine? Ever wondered how to wear a feminine but keeping your rock chic look? Well, let’s then go through couple of tips I believe are essential to be understood in this process. I know we all love our baggy stuff to hide imperfections or that sometime we may seem scary or intimidating to dress in a way we’re not comfortable with, but trust me, since spring is around the corner, it will be a snap for you to incorporate more feminine pieces into your everyday look. 


I know..I know what you think about it. Waking up in the morning and rushing to get to the office on time, you see this as something might take too long. But, consider that this is something men don’t wear, so when you put on some makeup you do instantly look more feminine: you can wear only mascara and gloss which takes couple of minutes, or if you’ve got more than couple of minutes, let’s say five minutes, than consider a super stylish red lipstick with nude eyes. 5 minutes and you’ll get an adorably feminine look.

red_lips_makeup-How to Dress More Feminine 7 Style Tips

The key to looking more feminine then is choosing clothes that fit your body type and personality. And the first rule is:


Bare in mind thou, you don’t have to go super tight in order to achieve a more feminine silhouette. Choose skirts that are tailored, but not skintight, A-line skirts slightly above the knees or pencil skirts (to not wear pencil skirts with super ultra fitted knit sweater).  The key is wear clothes that are not too loose. Your frame should get lost in all the fabric!

So now, let’s go more in detail:

For circular bodies I always suggest loose shirts (especially around the stomach) a bit more fitted around the hips and chest.

For triangular bodies you should avoid clothes that are shapeless, skinny jeans and curve-hugging fabrics. I know you think these are cool, but you look fabulous with other kind of designs.

Are you hourglass figure? Then you should remember that you are wonderful when you wear clothes that move with the curvature of your waist, avoiding boxy and oversized clothes.

Rectangle figures are perfect when they wear styles that flare at the bottom to create curves. 

celebrities, different body types, how to dress more feminine


There is a distinctly feminine way to move and hold yourself, and a distinctly male mode of being in the world. High heels make any outfit more feminine but they’re not the only choice you have. There are some occasions when high heels can look too much, so bare in mind that there are thousands of flat shoes that give the same effect, like ballet flats or sandals.

How to Dress More Feminine 7 Style Tips thousand shoes

Now, here it comes the most complicated step. There is a distinctly feminine way to move and hold yourself, and a distinctly male mode of being in the world. If you still not move properly like a feminine creature, you won’t look so, and does not matter if you wearing million pounds designer dresses from head to toe!


If you manage to learn to center your weight in your hips and pelvis and keep your shoulders back and chest out (remember men typically carry their weight in their arms and shoulders and tend to lean forward but you don’t want to look like a monkey, right?). You will find that your feet are lighter when touching the floor and your overall presentation will be definitely much more feminine.


You don’t want to keep another behavior that is giving you away like swinging your arms from your shoulders (as men do). Let your arms rest gently down the side of your legs allowing for a natural delicate swing from your elbows. Also, for those with large hands one more tip: by keeping your thumbs pulled in towards your hand, and always keeping your fingers cupped will help large hands appear more petite and graceful.


Graceful women walk with their heads back and tilted, keeping their chin parallel to the floor, and their weight centered in their pelvis. If your head or chin leads, you will appear less feminine.Also, simply by coordinating expressive movement you will look more graceful and feminine.


Don’t forget those are all things you can learn, you can learn how to be more feminine and how to dress accordingly. But, always keep in mind that this is a method to apply to yourself. Once this is super clear, than take a look at celebrities or magazines for inspiring fashion outfits and style tips. Or follow our blog!

To help you choose what to wear, here are some suggestions and photos of new season trends, must-haves and styles

  • Pleated skirts
  • Pencil skirts
  • Flowy skirts
  • Leather skirts

How to Dress More Feminine 7 Style Tips pleated skirtHow to Dress More Feminine 7 Style Tips Pencil skirts

  • Maxi tube dresses
  • A-line dresses
  • Peplum dresses
How to Dress More Feminine 7 Style Tips a-line-cotton-lace-dress-photo
  • Silk or Satin blouses
  • Flowy fabrics
  • Nude or bright tones
  • Feminine patterns

interview outfit tips: How to dress

Whether your next job interview is a big success or a huge disappointment could rely on how you look and what you wear. So, this article is for women. Women have more leeway with clothes in the workplace than men, and as a job interview is your opportunity to make a great first impression on your potential employer, always remember that dressing for success is a big part of the interview process. If you’re wondering what to wear to an interview, the most important thing to keep in mind is that you must look professional and polished. Once you have the job, you can wear whatever the employer approves of. But you need to get the job first – so play safe! An impending interview can bring out the image-conscious in all of us.

Not many of us can put our hands on our hearts and say ‘I really don’t care’. If you don’t, then you won’t be reading this. Like it or not, the first impression you make is visual. That image is an expression of yourself, and it takes some shifting if you present yourself badly. The most confident woman in the world can be found on the phone asking ‘Peep-toe wedgies? What do you think?’

While your interview attire depends on what job you’re applying for, no matter what the position, you should come in looking neat, tidy and well-dressed as we said. Appropriate interview-wear changes as fashion changes. Twenty years ago, a professional woman wouldn’t go to an interview wearing a round-necked top under a suit. Anything but a blouse with a collar seemed daringly casual. Yes, it’s true!

If you need some inspiration for your interview attire, following some tips for fashionable interview outfits for women to get an idea of what to wear (and not to wear)  to an interview.

Hair: Don’t change your style, of course you can have it cut and styled beforehand if it makes you feel good. Underwear: Don’t wear anything too tight please if you’re not confident with Body-sculpting all-in-ones, you may be uncomfortable, fidgety, breathless and hot. Makeup: Make up as you normally do and don’t change your brands or style. Nerves make your skin extra-sensitive remember this, and you don’t want to break out in a nasty rash.

Dresses, pants or skirts, tops or shirts, blazer or jacket?!?…ok don’t stress, calm down and relax. Browse through the following items to get an idea of what to wear to an interview or browse directly clothing for every occasion from brands like Havren.

Outfit #1 (pants!)

Draped sleeves crepe top by Havren will add a contemporary twist to your jersey basics.

Black crepe tapered pants

Oversized Drape Cashmere Cardigan by Havren

crystal necklace

havren outfit shoes asos interview

Outfit #2 (dress!)

Draped stretch-crepe backless dress


Havren's Black wool peplum jacket

Outfit #3 (skirt!)

Ribbed V-Neck Nude Jumper by Havren

Fine-knit cashmere-blend cardigan by Havren

Havren's Navy modern stretch pencil skirt


Remember, just play safe with your first interview outfit! Good look!